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Customer Testimonials

I had to share this photo. I am starting a journal called thoughts from the day a book?, love, love, this bike!

Wilier Custom Mountain Bike

Rob is thoughtful, creative, effective, unpretentious, and value conscious. He is willing and able to fix anything and everything, from a broken spoke to major surgery on a frame – no attitude, no grief, and not a whole lot of dollars! Very highly recommended! One of the best bicycles stores in Delaware!

- Robert Bell

On more the one occasion Rob has provided last second service on my bikes. Just recently, he swapped out a bent front rotor and adjusted my rear derailleur so I could participate in a race at Fair Hill the next morning. I showed up at the shop at about 10 min before closing time. It only took about 12 min to get me going, but I needed that and not many shops would have taken on a repair at that time of night. Huge shot out to Rick as well!! He is one knowledgeable dude when it comes to the bike industry.

- Earl J Hunt

Just before Rob opened his shop he was doing repairs from his basement. I took my almost new Pinarello Prince there with a bent chain stay. An all carbon bike with aluminum chain stays, one of which had bent from a fall the month before. With a special tool that I think he said was not available anymore he took an hour to bend it back, a little at a time. Not knowing too much about bikes, I asked him what happens if it breaks. Well you are kinda ______ he said. Well he fixed it and now I tell everyone to go talk to Rob Garrison in Centerville.

- Bruce Balick

Buying a bike from Garrison's Cyclery was one of the more enjoyable "shopping" experiences I have had. Rob's experience and expertise with bikes was evident in the careful and thorough way he walked me through the complex world of cycling. Since I was a novice rider, he slowly walked me through the important components on the bike and educated me throughout the entire process. Rob was able to find me a better deal than I could ever have received at a large corporate bike store. Rob also took extra time to make sure the bike fit me and suited my needs. His store had everything I needed to get started biking that day. And after I took the inevitable spill on my first ride, Rob was quick to tune-up the bike the very next day and get me back on the road in no time (with a complimentary upgrade on my broken components!!) Can't recommend Garrison's highly enough. It was a great experience with a great outcome. Five stars.

- John L., Arlington, VA

I begun mountain bike racing in 2006 when I moved from England to the US. It was not until my 2007 season that I was fortunate enough to meet Rob Garrison. The bike I was riding at the time was giving me many mechanical problems during my races and nobody seemed to be able to eradicate my problems with the bike. Within minutes of meeting Rob I was astounded by his professional informative manner and his attention to detail. His knowledge base is amazing and my spending time with him my ability to understand my bike and it's needs grew. In fact once Rob started to work with my bike, I was able to race the entire 2008 season free of any mechanical issues, it was my first year racing Elite and I had complete peace of mind that my bike would run smoothly. Many times Rob would spend long evenings just hours before my big races getting everything working – most definately above and beyond the call of duty.

My whole experience with Rob Garrison is a positive one, his passion for everything cycling just overflow's. Having Rob work on your existing bike or help you choose a new bike will most definitely lead to a positive and happy cycling experience.

- Deborah Leedale-Brown, Fitness, Lifestyle & High Performance Consultant, Wilmington, DE

I have been to several shops and mechanics over the year's looking someone who could provide quality service with a reasonable turnaround. Neither seem to be deliverable at any of the shops I have entertained in my 8 years of riding. I didn't think this kind of service was really available until, I discovered Garrison's Cyclery! Service is of highest quality and delivery of the service the most prompt of all ! In addition, I get advice on things that need to be attended to currently or in the near future, which is a huge advantage in my mind over the competitors! I ride 400-600 miles a month, 10 months out of the year! That's probably more than I put on my car, so I need a reliable and dependable mechanic to keep me on the road!

A perfect example of what sets Garrison apart from other shops was one of my first visits, which I wanted a tune-up for a 400 mile bike ride over 5 days. The service was delivered promptly, but what was greatly appreciated was Garrison providing insight to needing new hubs and a wheel before my trip. This was advice I would never or ever expect to receive from a bike shop. Mostly, because I think Bike Shops only prepare what the client requests, but do little to assess the overall condition of a bike. I'm a rider, not a mechanic. I want an experienced expert who cares about quality of service to keep me on the rode. Riding my bike is what I enjoy and I trust Garrison to keep me riding efficiently and safely!!!

- Kelly Riley

Rob has worked on my bikes for over 5 years now. He is a detailed oriented perfectionist who obsesses over and sweats the details. I am continuously surprised by the effort he puts in to make it right. However, when I'm bombing down a 48 mph descent at Ironman Canada on my Time Trial bike I'm sure glad he did make it right! Rob is my secret weapon!

- Randy L. Christofferson

As a mechanic with 29 years of experience, I have worked with many of the best professional bicycle mechanics around the globe. Rob Garrison can spin a wrench with the best on Earth. Clearly the best bike shop in Delaware. If detail and precision are the call for a bicycle project Rob is the technician for the job.

- Thomas Captis., Owner Sugar Mill Bikes, Waialua Hawaii ( North Shore, Oahu )

My main testimonial to you is that you have been a "constant" in the area and committed those who love bikes/cycling and everything about them! You are about relationships and that is why I have stayed are REAL.

- Jo A

I consider myself rather lucky to have met Rob as I began cycling in Delaware many years ago. He has been a straight shooter on all things bike related as I always ask numerous questions on bikes and bike accessories. When it comes to repairs, I have become somewhat of a snob demanding Rob be the only person to handle my bike. It is his demand for excellence in every aspect of my bike that has me comfortable knowing that I have taken all necessary pre-ride precautions for safety and enjoyment. I could go on endlessly about Rob's talents and skills in the cycling world. I am thrilled for Rob and wish him all the success in the world. For all of his good service to his customers and clients over the years, it should come back to him 10 fold in the success of his new store. Best of Luck Rob with the new store.

- Ballistic B

Many years ago I walked into the 202 Bike Line with a front wheel off my Trek Antelope that looked like a pretzel after a crash on a trail in Baltimore. I was greeted by a tall dark haired high school kid who pronounced the wheel dead and said I was due for an upgrade.

Rob Garrison has been upgrading me ever since! Through the years Rob has set me and my kids up with many bikes and has been the key man in servicing them. When we would do our Colorado trips Rob would help getting bikes and equipment packed and shipped for some great sessions in Crested Butte and Aspen. As my bikes evolved up the food chain (with Rob's encouragement) and it came time for custom wheel sets he was the man to build them, and I am sure no one locally does it better. Most recently Rob did a killer wheel, suspension and brake upgrade on my YBB and it rides like a dream.

It has been my pleasure to work with a friend like Garrison over the years and I couldn’t be happier than to see him in his own shop. Garrison's Cyclery of Centreville is all about Rob's culture; great bikes, service and his customers.

- Mark Fortunato

Whether you need a quick fix, a massive overhaul, an honest opinion, or even a quality musical recommendation, Rob is the only cycle guru you’ll ever need. His experience is unparalleled in the Wilmington area, and I challenge you to find a friendlier and more knowledgeable bike tech.

- Mark Norvick

In this world you have certain people that you trust to make decisions for you and Garrison has always been my expert in the cycle industry, Thanks for your commitment in the Wilmington area.

- Aaron Dunphy-Linnartz

Rob is hands down the most thorough bike mechanic I have ever dealt with. Rob knows everything about everything, when it come to cycling. The only mechanic allowed to caress my bike.

- Bennie

When I began to build my first custom bike, I was overwhelmed by the endless brands, models and options when looking at bike frames and components. A friend recommended Rob and told me he would be able to help me sort out what I needed for my new wheels. "Help" was an understatement to say the least. Rob is an endless pool of information concerning everything that rolls on two wheels, and I have come to trust him entirely. I was extremely impressed with his ability to answer any and all questions at any time. The business is rare, in my opinion, where customers truly come first, but Rob clearly has a passion for bikes and for helping his clients to the best of his enviable ability. Anyone looking for a good shop can't go wrong with Garrison's Cyclery; I have had the "pleasure" of working with several bike shops in the area, but Garrison's has impressed me more than any. Hands down, the best bike shop in Delaware!

- Brent Freedland

Rob Garrison has been taken care of my biking needs for the last 15 years. From a midnight repair before taking off for a ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI), to finding a front fork to fit an antique Manitou mountain bike, to adjusting and readjusting to find the best riding position, to basically rebuilding my 8 year olds bike which got run over by the baby sitter, Rob has always kept me rolling with a great attitude and a smile on his face.

- Michael Longwil

I have always received great service from Garrison's Cyclery. Rob is prompt, thorough, and reasonable. I am always confident on a long ride that I won't be walking home.

- Don

I'll give you two thumbs up on the rear wheel you built for me. It's a little bit different perspective in that I'm not a racer, but I'll say that I'm glad you talked me into it, I never would have imagined going the custom wheel route at my level. I can tell a huge difference in the ride and feel. What I mean is that the rear wheel doesn't feel like there's anything back there. Smooth and quiet, seems faster. Even more, I almost can't stand the feel of the front wheel now. So most likely you'll be building that one up sooner rather than later, don't think I can wait for long. Short story: great, personable, top notch service, not just for racers, practical, honest, easy. That's hard to find these days.

- John P.

Hi Rob. I just wanted to thank you for setting up my bike this past season. The changes you made to my riding position really helped. I was expecting a pretty big bill for all you did, but I found your charge to be very reasonable. The bike looked like new when you gave it back. You also introduced me to a new brand of chain lube that I really like. I'll be in touch for this year's setup. Thanks.

- Tom Worthington, West Chester, PA

Rob was able to take my wife (a bike novice) from start to finish in the building and customization of my mountain bike (surprise birthday present). His shop's level of customer service and turn around time on repairs is excellent and his ability to create the perfect riding experience for each rider is unparalleled in the area.

- Joe Dawson, PT

No matter what your style of riding is, from novice to expert, Rob and Rick, are thorough mechanics who offer sound advice and fast service. Throughout the years I have known Rob, he has always done exceptional work on my bike. I appreciate the way he shares his knowledge of bike components and always has the most up-to-date information about the bike industry. With Rob's help I have been able to maintain and upgrade vital components when necessary. He has always been willing to look over every part of the bike, not just what I think may be wrong with it, and, as a mountain bike racer whose bike is often ridden hard, I cannot tell you how that has helped my performance through the years. Whether you are just starting out on your first road bike, mountain bike, or you have raced for 20 years, Rob and Rick have the knowledge to get you on the right bike and help you keep your bike in excellent condition.

- Eric N.

Rob is a true artisan and I am extremely pleased to see that he has opened his new shop. Rob has cared for my bikes for a number of years and I look forward to using his services for as long as he will have me. I have recommended Garrison's to a number of my riding buddies and all who have chosen to use Rob's service have given Garrison’s enthusiastic reviews.

- Dave Ford, Newark, DE

As someone who has been so fortunate to have grown up with a love for riding bikes (from distance jumping bmx bikes over numerous trash cans in the neighbor's yard, to racing bmx, to racing mountain bikes to 24 hour races, to road riding back to super-fun recreational mountain biking, Garrison's Cyclery is a unique and professional shop with a community vibe that transcends the norm. Rob's kind and knowledgeable demeanor translates into a fun educational dialogue that keeps you planted there as time seems to vanish before your eyes. He is one of the top and most efficient mechanics in the business who keeps current with all the new trends and technology.

The involvement in a sale/ repair/ education is always welcomed and easy-going. In addition, it has been my eperience that his prices are always more than reasonable and competitive. I recommend anyone who is looking to buy, upgrade or get repairs at any level- recreational to professional to check-in at Garrison's to be inspired and educated.

- Christopher Richardson, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Wilmington, DE

I have known Rob Garrison for over 15 years, in all he has built over 7 bikes for me and my wife and spent countless hours servicing every cable, spoke, hub, bottom bracket, nut, and bolt on all of our bikes. We live in Oregon now surrounded by plenty of very solid mechanics and reputable dealers and I still have Rob build and send us custom bikes. As you can imagine we do spend a fair amount to get them shipped without a scratch but its worth the extra money as there is no one else I trust to design and build exactly what I want. All the Best.

- Tim

Rob – many thanks for making my 1998 Gary Fisher Mt.Tam street and trail worthy again. I thought it was past its prime but thanks to you its back getting major riding time instead of sitting in the basement. I wouldn't have trusted its refurbishment to anyone else. Just a quick side note to say Thank You for getting my bikes ready for this riding season. I no longer have to worry about brining my bike back to the shop to get it refixed. I know my bikes are in good hands when they are at your shop.

- Pete Abessinio

Rob has been building and working on my bikes since I first got into this hobby of biking eight years ago. From my first bike he built for me to my current one, they have been nothing but of quality & precision. I am always excited to get my bike back after Rob has worked on it. I always know it will be dialed in and have that like "new" factor to it. Every time I get it back from service it is buttery smooth. Rob's knowledge and talent within the bike industry is like no other. He has a talent of gold when he services and builds bikes. He is a gem in the rough as they might say and we are very lucky to have him right here in Delaware.

- Matt Vahey

Rob was always there for me when I needed assistance. He has always gone out of his way to help and explain any problems. The quality of his work is top notch.

- Joe Hammons

Rob Garrison is the best bike shop technician I have ever known. He has been setting up my road bikes for triathlon racing for several years and every single time, his work has been outstanding. He is always willing to make a last second adjustment on short notice and is extremely knowledgable about setup. I have never raced with a single worry about my equipment not working and I appreciate Rob's assistance.

- Dave Spartin

When I have questions about my bikes, Rob has always been my 'go to guy.' He always has the time and in depth knowledge to answers my questions and has been doing so since 1997. He is what I would call a mechanical GENIUS!! I remember when we were kids we found a motor and rigged it up to the bike my dad was letting us play with, and man it went so fast we broke the sound barrier! I think at least... it might have been a dream. Oh well this guys pretty darn amazing at all things bikes.

- Don Facciolo, Seattle, WA

Rob G, the owner of Garrison's Cyclery, came highly recommend to me by my brother (a fellow MTBer) for his high level of knowledge in all things 2-wheeled, off-road and on. I've known Rob for over 10 years now…I purchased my first, ever, MTB from him and he has been the sole person I trust with each and every bike since. He has an uncanny knack for finding just the right bike and just the right upgrades to suit your riding level, needs, and finances. I've had Rob custom build a Santa Cruz "Heckler" from the ground up, he coordinated every last little part...and it works like a charm. I truly love that bike.

Everything from the starter bike, to each successive level of my abilities, to regular maintenance Rob has been keepin' my wheels spinnin' every step of the way. Quite frankly…you couldn’t ask for a better, more personable guy to keep you going with your 'off duty' passion of riding.

- Matt Seddon

As a novice road rider, Rob perfectly tuned and repaired my at-first-too-much-bike-for-me-bike, answered a myriad of questions, and didn't laugh when I related my foibles. Thanks to his efforts, I'm now much more confident in my equipment, and on the road.

- Tara Tracy

What really sets Garrison's Cyclery in Wilmington Delaware apart is their dedication to communicating with the customer. Rob and Rick have serviced my Seven Axiom for many years. Their friendly, personal service, with meticulous attention to detail has kept me and the Seven rolling on down the road. There is no better feeling than getting my bike back from some TLC at Garrison's and having it perform flawlessly. That's all folks!

- Bruce Petrovick

A few years ago, when Lynn and I were departing for The Italian Cycling Center, Rob came to our house and with great patience and good humor gave us a detailed, hands-on, step-by-step tutorial on bike disassembly; packing our trusty TRICO cases, with special tips for bike protection; unpacking; and bike reassembly, all in all not the easiest thing in the world. Then, he refused compensation for his efforts, one of the few cycling arguments he has ever lost!

- Bob & Lynn Ingersoll, Wilmington, DE

For the average cyclist that buys their bicycle at the average bike shop and gets their maintenance done by the average bike mechanic there are experiences that they have come to believe are part of the cycling lifestyle. The creaking of bottom brackets, the noise of the drive-train you peddle down the road, the pain in your hands, shoulders and neck from hours spent in the saddle become part of what many of us have come to expect.

I have known Rob Garrison, the owner of Garrison's Cyclery of Centreville for the past 4 years and have been pleasantly enlightened to the quietness of correctly built bike and well tuned drive train. I have been amazed by the sounds around me when all I hear from my bike is the tires buzzing along the road or trail. The soreness I used to feel in my hands and wrists after an hour or more on the road have been eliminated by the simple reposition of the hoods and bar.

The attention to detail of Rob and his staff have made my riding more enjoyable and more confident. This is clearly the best bike shop in Delaware and my bike and I are now a team working for a common goal rather than battling each other to see which could take more punishment. In the end that is all I could ever ask.

- Tony Brush

Attention to detail is what you can expect from Rob Garrison and Garrison's Cyclery of Centerville Delaware. Weather it's a complete bike build, rebuild, tuneup or just a minor repair Rob takes the time to ensure the job is done right. Rob has an uncanny knack for diagnosing a problem when something is wrong and I can't put my finger on it. Mountain, road or whatever bike you love Garrison is the go to guy.

- Chris Chapman

Thanks Rob for the 10 plus years of excellent service. Whether it was during the 24 hours of Adrenaline or teaching me how to properly lube a chain, you have always been there. One of the best parts of you being a mechanic is once you fix it, it's fixed. I can't think of one time that something wasn't repaired correctly. Thank you for taking the time and treating me like I was one of your best customers. You are not only a wonderfully talented bike mechanic, you are a true friend. Thanks again!

- Mark Belair

Rob has been my mechanic for almost 10 years. During this time he has time and again proven himself to be an extraordinary mechanic as well as a wealth of knowledge of all things related to cycling. Weather he was building me the lightest and strongest wheel sets I have ever ridden, or helping me choose every component for a custom build, he has never steered me wrong. He takes pride in his work and would find it morally reprehensible to take a shortcut in order to make a quick buck on any job. I had many mechanics work on my bikes until i met rob, since that time I have not even considered taking my bikes to anyone else. Even after I moved to Philadelphia I still bring my bikes to Rob due to my utmost respect for his work and insight!

- Liam Campion

If I am descending at 40mph or cornering in the rain or climbing out of the saddle and applying torque I want to be confident that my bike is performing flawlessly. I don't want to consider that something might not be 100%. That is why I trust my bike with Rob Garrison. I know that he spends the time needed to get the job done correctly without shortcuts. Thank you Rob!

- Brooks Clark

Rob is THE MAN! His knowledge about bikes and components is impressive. Being at the right place, at the right time, Rob Garrison was able to easily assess that something was wrong with my bike. After a race at Glouster County in the rain, I just thought the cables and bearings needed to be replaced. After a ride, he quickly assessed the problem, a crack in the chain stay. Rob took my bike with him, took pictures and sent them in to the manufacturer. In no time at all, a new frame was sent, and he rebuilt my bike. It rides awesome! In the future, Rob will be the one that handles my bikes, even though its an hour drive. Not only does he know his stuff but he treats each bike as if they are his own. His mantra should be, "Your bike is my bike".

- Donna McNutt, Glenside, PA

Recently I had an issue with a Trek carbon frame and worked with Rob to get it taken care of. Not only did Rob see to it that the frame was replaced free of charge, he also went above and beyond in making sure all the components I had from my previous frame would work/fit on the new frame. In addition, Trek didn't send the new frame with all the minor necessary pieces required for an immediate build. Rob tirelessly worked through his network of mechanics/friends to ensure my bike was assembled quickly and more importantly, properly.

- Jay Pauling

Hey Rob, I just wanted to thank you for building my new Klein Adept Race Disc. Although there were issues with the fork you kept assuring me that it would work out and it sure did. Your patience and your calm nature helped me through the long wait for a replacement shock that would work on this new model. The shock you recommended to the rep has worked out great. The adjustability of the fork travel & damping has allowed me to fine tune the bike for the cross-country riding that I bought it for. I don’t think anyone but you could have seen the advantages of this fork with this frame geometry. Thank you for all your help & insight on correcting the problems with the original fork and giving me a unique set up.

- Sean Hague

Garrison's offers terrific service and advice on component selection. Rob has the knowledge and patience to explain as much technical detail as you want. If you have a problem, he is very flexible and always quick to fit you in based on your schedule.

- Jamie Lee