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Experienced Bike Fitting

Here at Garrison's Cyclery we strive to get the rider comfortable on their current bike or when building or buying a new bike. Every rider has some variation in their range of motion, leg length, torso length, shoulder width, hand size, previous injuries or preexisting conditions, etc. EVERYTHING must be taken into consideration. We have helped countless riders achieve better form and function through discussion, a trained eye and combining four bike fitting techniques learned over the years. Applying this combination of experience and science allows the rider to obtain "a starting point". From there we know a base line and can make minor tweaks as the miles rack up and different issues arise.

If you just paid a licensed, certified, accredited, renowned, whatever… hundreds of dollars for "the perfect fit" and this fitter sent you out the door with claims the current fit is the end all, be all of fits… then you just wasted a couple of hundred bucks. Fittings are 85–90% interpretation from a trained eye and 10–15% science. A cyclist fit is ever changing. A rider isn't as flexible after a winter off the bike. Cross training is key: swimming, running on both road and trails, getting on a mountain bike, core conditioning paired with weight training, eating right, etc. This all feeds into how much the rider advances in fitness and form. Learning good techniques from other riders and getting into good habits while riding will come the more you ride. Pretty simple – PRACTICE.

The first question: What type of riding are you currently doing or planning on doing? An aggressive $5K road bike isn’t going to suit the casual rider who has the money and is under the assumption, "more expensive the better". Don’t get me wrong… we’ve done $25k+ TRI bikes because this is what the customer wanted, and matched what they are doing on this particular bike. This customer also has an arsenal of bikes to match the course conditions or planned ride. They ride a steel road bike for training rides, a carbon bike for more aggressive, higher paced rides, and plans accordingly depending on where the ride is taking them that particular week. A sub 15lb. bike for the more hilly rides, a carbon bike mated with deep section Zipp wheels for the low wind, high mileage days, the old beater Italian steel frame outfitted with a 25tooth rear cog for good all around riding, and so on.

To schedule an appointment for an experienced bike fitting, please call the store at 302.384.6827.