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The brands of bikes and components we carry are on the shelf for a reason. Purchases are made and products are endorsed because of experience, not profit margin. Manufacturers forcing product on the shop will never happen.




  • Best

  • Santa Cru Bikes

    Santa Cruz Bicycles

  • Moots Frames

    Moots Bikes

    Full line of titanium frames and accessories

    RG Says: Simply the best!

  • Kestrel Bicycles

    Kestrel Bicycles

    Carbon road & TRI bikes

  • Gunnar Bikes

    Gunnar Bikes

    Wisconsin built

  • Wilier USA Bikes

    Wilier USA Bikes

  • Civia Cycles

    Civia Cycles

  • Cervelo Bikes

    Cervelo Bikes

    RG Says: Consider 94% of bike shops don't meet Cervélo's criteria.

  • Turner Bikes

    Turner Bikes

    Dual-suspension mountain bike frames – both 26" wheel and 29" wheel models

  • De Rosa Bikes

    De Rosa

    RG Says: DeRosa bicycles are a new line of frames we have access to. Some models are Italian made and some models are foreign/Asian made. Another offering for our area and out of state riders! Beautiful bikes! This rider wanted something different and in yellow!


Components & Accessories